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Thread: I don't like spiders and snakes

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    Question I don't like spiders and snakes

    Hi all,
    Might be a silly question but what wildlife exists on Aruba?
    I have read about boa constrictors and rattle snakes but what about venemous spiders or any other nasty creepie-crawlies.
    I am also a little concerned about being a mosquito magnet with my pale
    English body.

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    your post brought a smile to my face.

    well, aruba has some creepy crawlies........... there are iguanas large and small, there are tons of little lizards, (no scary monitor lizards though) there are birds, owls, bats, marinelife.

    and i betcha, that you will not see any snakes.


    never have seen a squirrel, skunk, rat, fox etc....

    watch out for the herds of wild goats. they'll take folks down and its an ugly scene ...................................i am kidding.

    how were you able to plan a trip for oct many months away?

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    Pretty normal procedure in UK - 2010 brochures have been available for a while.
    Gives us poor folk across the pond time to save up for the trip.

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    Hi Pete,

    I haven't ever seen any nasty spiders or snakes when I have been in Aruba - although I have been feasted upon by mozzies - Boots do a fantastic strong insect repellent spray with 50% Deet, Its great and I used it on our last trip and hardly got bitten at all.


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    Once in a great while I will see a spider and a little "piss" snake in our yard -
    but it's actually not too bad. You won't see them at the hotels because they
    spray for everything. The Mosquitos when in mass are by far the worse.

    No squirrels, fox or deer here. Will see a rabbit once in a while at night.
    If you want to see all the goats - go to the lighthouse around sunset -
    they like to hang out there. There are also some wild donkeys - but
    haven't seen many of them lately.

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