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Thread: I'm new toooooo!

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    I'm new toooooo!

    My family and another family are heading to Aruba April '09. We are very much looking forward to this trip because we have heard so many awesome things about Aruba. We have been to several islands and cannot wait to see how Aruba compares to them. Our favorite was Playa de Carmen. It will be interesting to see how Aruba compares to that vacation especially. This board looks like there is a lot of very useful information so I will be visiting often and asking questions.

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    The biggest reason I enjoy the island is because the people seem to genuinely like tourists and are always kind. I can not guarantee you will never meet an unfriendly person, but I really never have....
    The island is out of the hurrican belt, so the most that happens is rain if a hurrican is tearing through the rest of the caribbean and the winds may pick up a little, but it is sooooooooo relaxing, warm and welcoming that I can not think of anywhere else I would rather spend my vacation at !!!!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Everything Michele said is correct.

    We just returned from Aruba and met a family who vacationed in PDC two years ago. They said that it does not compare to Aruba.

    Aruba was perfect for them and they are already planning on returning next year.

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    Welcome to the forum. Aruba is a great destination and each one in the Caribbean if not around the corner has its unique characteristics. So, some things are comparable and many other aren't. Enjoy each for the best it has to over.
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