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Thread: To jenndrez

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    Any Aruba beach...

    To jenndrez

    Once again, may I say, welcome to the forum!

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    most of us here are nice folks
    some have gripes
    most have smiles and great advise.
    we try to be factual and helpful
    Quote Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post
    Once again, may I say, welcome to the forum!

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    You'll have a great time and welcome to the island. I live on the island for 6 months of the year split into 2 stretches of 3 months. I happen to live away from the tourist area, "on the other side of the bridge" as locals say. Disregard so many comments on another thread. Aruba is not Kingston, Jamaica, where I have some experience. Aruba is a fantastic vacation destination.
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    We have been traveling to aruba for the past 11 years and I wanted to let you know that we have traveled extensively throughout the Carribean, and this by far is the best island we have visited. I am not sure if this is your first visit,, but I am sure you will love it.

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    Thanks Everyone!

    Just wanted to say a huge thanks to eveyrone for their feedback on my post yesterday!
    Sorry about starting World War III with the "crime issue thread" - yikes!

    I love all the feedback and cant' get enough - so thanks again.

    Will be certain to post a trip report when I return !!

    - Jenn

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    Going to Aruba, soon!

    When I say "soon", I mean in a couple of days.
    Everyone I've talked to has spoken well of the place, often with longing in their voice. I just joined the forum a few days ago. No reservations, besides air and accomendations.
    Allowing myself to be spontaneous when we get there.
    We are leaning toward not getting a car.
    ONe thing I wish for is to see the green flash. How are the conditions there for it? I'd love to take a picture of it! How cool is that! My oldest uncle saw one, while on the water. Gives me hope.
    Would love to meet someone there that wrote me here. Maybe, Jenndrez!
    We're leaving all our computers at home.

    Yeah, this is a choppy post.

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    Howdy, It is an everyday adventure on the Forum, but everybody means well. Good luck down South, Travel Safe, tell us about your tales when you return, and above all do not get into any fist fights!!!! Just Kidding!!!!!!!
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