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Thread: Leaving Aug 18th!!!

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    Leaving Aug 18th!!!

    Hello All,
    This is my first ever post on this forum, but we r seasoned Aruba travellers- honeymooned here 18 years ago- 8 or 9 vacations here since, the last several with our 2 kids (14 and 8). Staying 4 days at Renaissance (never stayed downtown before) and then 1 week at Surf Club
    Trying some different things this time: Tranquillo sail/snorkel lunch cruise to south of Island, then a sunset cruise on Black Pearl later in trip- these r not your typical catamaran-jammed-with-people trips that we have done in the past as I discovered by reading various threads in this forum (Arubalisa). My son and wife are padi certified- anyone dive with JADS before? My son (14) is also into surfing, and surprisingly, not a very popular thing in Aruba (unlike wind surfing), however we found a possible "instructor" through the Bula surf shop in town...hopefully it pans out . I think Arashi Beach is where the locals surf.
    Any recommendations on dining in the downtown area???

    Anyways, gotta start packing

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    I would make definitely go to Pincho's-maybe a mile past the center of downtown on a pier. Very nice people and wonderful food. We also like Cuba's Cookin' and people in this forum love Yemanji but I haven't personnally been there.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    L.G. Smith Steak and Chop House at the Renaissance receives as reviews as does
    El Gaucho which is also located in downtown Oranjestad.
    Additional info on El Gaucho

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    welcome to the forum!!
    great downtown dining is COOKS a few blocks beyond ElGaucho.
    (closed sun and mon and thurs is sushi night)

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