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Thread: Long time visiter of Aruba new to site

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    Cool Long time visiter of Aruba new to site


    My husband and I have been going to Aruba for the past ten years, and visit there for vacation in May and Sept. We really like the Costa Linda, because Eagle Beach is our favorite, altho this last visit in Sept stayed at the Phoenix. Had wanted to get others opinions regarding my post that after passing thru Cusoms, I was approached by a security agent who asked if I was ok, and then proceeded to ask who I was with, and spoke to my husband and I in a general fashion. I just thought it curious and wondered if anyone else had experienced a situation such as this. I was wondering if he was suspicious of anything, as they used to search luggage randomly before boarding the plane, but do not do this anymore. I do not object to all the airport security, but was wondering if this gesture was part of additional security. Any answers would be appreciated, and if anyone wants my opinion about timeshares on the island, just let me know, as we have stayed at quite a few. thanks, Maryann

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    I think its just extra security because people even after security and customs, can approch you and try to make you do something you do not like, or maybe they really thought you and your husband had problems. I actually rather be safe than sorry.

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