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Thread: Meeting new people

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    Meeting new people


    I've been living for 2,5 months now on the island. I just haven't had the pleasure of meeting new people. That's why I'm gonna try it this way. Who else lives in Aruba and wouldd like to meet new people? I'm 27 years old, en I'm a teacher. I don't really like to go clubbing. I do like to go out to dinner, go see a movie, go to the beach, that sort of things.


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    Hi Cathyiki,

    I am from the island :-)

    felis siman nobo....
    For the Best Babysitting on the Island.
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    cathyiki if you are "into" volunteering, there are 2 animal rescue groups that i am pretty familiar with.

    aruba kitten rescue cats
    arfaruba dogs and cats

    contact thru this board is for arfaruba is username SUGAR and CHERYL. cheryl is a part time aruba resident and sugar is full time. feel free to private message either of these fine ladies.

    aruba kitten rescue is run by username LIZZARDO and her husband. feel free to contact her by private message as well. again, nice folks!

    by volunteering you would accomplish much.........helping the animals of aruba, gaining much self satisfaction AND meeting lots of nice folks.

    and shoot navidad a private message as well.

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    Thank you Andrea. Navidad sent me a private message as well, so I answered her. I've also contacted Lizzardo, hope I can help out there.

    I'm of on a good start. Hope to get to know more people.

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    Hi, I am also staying on the Island til Mid Dez. I am 24 years old and I am going nearly every day to the nicest place on Aruba - the beach (After work at 4pm). I am always at eagle beach were the sign is standing. Everboy else feel free to come
    So if you like we could also meet there. Just contact me: andreas7x aaatt
    See Ya

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