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Thread: Need info on Resort

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    Need info on Resort

    Traded a week I had in DR for a week at Paradise Beach Villas - Aruba? We know nothing about this place, and hope somebody can tell us about it. Anybody know this place. P.S. we are used to fine resorts with restaurants, activities, and will not have any kids with us, and are in our 50's. Will we like this place? Also, where do you suggest we eat and fun activities?


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    Hi Lou, sorry I am unable to help with info on the resort. If you use the search feature there are some older posts with a little bit to go on.

    For a first time visitor to the island, check out the info at:

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    Any beach, party, bar or Casino!!!!!!
    I believe that is next to the La-cabana. Absolutely beautiful. My Wife and I wonder over there every so often. It is on Eagle beach. Good choice. I don't think you will be disappointed. Enjoy!

    As for eating, Madam Jennets is a must but make reservations. There is such a wide verity of foods and they are so good.
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    in dec 07 we visited friends that were staying at PBV which is next door to the lacabana brc where we stay.

    from what i observed the units are bright, open and clean.
    the furniture is tired and the units need a refurbishment but by no means shabby.
    the folks we were visiting have a unit on the first floor facing the ocean in the section up front.

    the pools are nice there

    it is very very quiet

    there are balconies and patios

    i did not notice if there was a bar at the pool area, but my husband says there is a pool bar.

    the restaurant on property is la petit cafe'

    if you are thinking it is a 4 or 5 star resort, you will be disappointed.

    PBV is a quiet, clean, well laid out timeshare resort. the beach is a short walk across the street. i think it is 3 floors (maybe 4).
    units are clean and well equipped.

    i would stay there, no sweat.,1/

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