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Thread: New to to Aruba!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dahliatr View Post
    The island is in very serious trouble. It is dangerous to travel there now. I was there last month. the situation is getting more violent. why go to a place that is so unstabe,.? Do you need a vacation that badly?

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    To Dahilatr, not Paradise!!!

    Yes ..... I need a vacation that badly, it is a great place. If you do not like it, try Montego Bay, Jamaica or Havana, Cuba. I am sure they would welcome anyone!!!
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    Welcome to the forum. Don't let one person's opinion taint your views. I have never had a bad experience on the island! Have a great vacation!
    Have Fun, Pete

    We will be in Aruba in

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    Aruba is a wonderful place, and the safest place we have been to in the Caribbean. The previous post about iAruba being dangerous and his proof backing it up was just listing traffic, and crowded beaches, marinas---that is everywhere!!!
    We have been to Jamaica, Bonaire(love), Martinique, Bahamas, St. Thomas(love too), Mexico, St Croix, Barbados, San Juan, Grand Caymans, St Martin, and Aruba is one of the cleanest places, no drug peddlers, they drive on the right side of the road(Aruba is the only place we have ever felt safe renting a car at) everything is basically new now.
    You'll love it and will have a blast!

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    I am going to choose not to respond to the one poster...not going there and not that desperate!

    But, to the rest, thank you for the kind welcomes! I only wish the vacation wasn't quite for far off (leaving 1/29/09 for two weeks)! Thanks for sharing your "paradise"!

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    Paradise - we will be in Aruba when you are. Have 1-way ticket arriving on Jan. 5, 2009. We will be in Aruba probably thru the end of Feb.

    If you would like a copy of the "Aruba Experience" let me know & I will mail one to you.
    Tom & Karen

    Next Trip: Jan. 6 - April 7

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