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Thread: New experiance

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    New experiance

    Looking for a fun place to watch the Superbowl in Aruba this year

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    champions at marriott ocean club.......busters garage up at the high rise area.....any of the casino bars....... some of the resorts , i think it is ABC or CDM actually put out a large screen and use a tv-projection and folks watch the game poolside outside!

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    If the Cowboys make it, any place in Aruba will be great (sorry, Cowboys fan..couldn't resist)

    Believe it or not, The Mill has a HUGE screen outside by the pool area. They have entertainment during intermissions, and do a great job. I am always in Aruba for the SuperBowl, and came across the Mill by accident two years ago. We having been watching it there ever since.

    ENJOY !

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    lets go jets!!! if they make it, we'll be in miami...aruba feb 20th

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