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    John we'll miss you by a day we'll be there March 14-26

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    Any Aruba beach...
    I too vote for adding additional days. Like Cindy said you lose a day at the beginning and end. With the days in the middle you will have some where you will want to tour or take an excursion which cuts down on beach days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean Martin View Post
    Thanks for the warm welcome gang

    I'm actually John but a long time fan of Dino and his music so he makes for a great alter

    We're looking at 6-13 March since our Anniversary is the 10th....or do we need to be considering a few days longer?
    When you get to Aruba and stay a few days you will know why we make such A BIG fuss about Aruba.Most of us on this site have been to Aruba 1 to 40 or more times so when we say stay longer you wont regret it.Enjoy your vacation.

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    we have gone for as short as 8 days and as long as 15

    day 1 and last day are "travel days" and should not be counted (IMO)
    makes for a logistic conundrum when doing a weeklong timeshare but an night pre or post timeshare by using priceline or similar makes it doable and affordable.


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