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Thread: Newbie from UK

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    Newbie from UK

    Hi all,

    I stumbled across this site whilst searching for information on the different snorkelling/boat trips and I'm glad I found the forum!

    We're off to Aruba for 2 weeks on 5th September - our first time and we are really looking forward to it. We are staying at the Tamarijn on Druif Beach (low rise area) and are currently checking out the different rooms so we can request something (you never know!!)

    We've already booked onto the Black Pearl for an afternoon snorkelling trip (from reading another forum reviews) and from this forum we are tempted in checking out the Tranquilo.

    The rest of our time we will probably spend lazing on the beach, catching the local bus to nearby areas or renting a bike to explore the area. Oh yes and we might seek out 'Mani' (I think I've got the name right to take us over to the Natural Pool and surroundings.

    Its really useful and exciting to read other people's experiences.

    Just over 9 weeks to go but not allowing myself to start counting the days just yet

    Looking forward to reading more and learning about Aruba.

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    Welcome to the forum, there is so much helpful info and suggestions here.
    Lisa who will probably touch base with you,, is also full of info and pics on the tam and could also give you a opionion on Tranquillo, so again you've come to thr right place. enjoy you trip and give us a report when you get back.

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    welcome to the community forum.

    you will probably love the tamarijn.
    it is a great laid back low key resort.

    unsure if 2 snorkel sails will be overkill.
    you amy want to do some snorkeling on your own at arashi beach and or baby beach.

    consider renting a car for some off site traveling about the area.

    the person you are referring to is MADI.
    she gives island tours in her WILY vehicle.
    unfortunately she does not return many emails or phone messages.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    There is tons of info here about the Tamarijn.


    Tamarijn reviews

    Tamarijn photos

    The one positive of the two different snorkel sails is that they do go to different locations. You will be on the island for two weeks? Take one excursion one week and the second excursion the second week. It will give you a good excuse to get off the beach which is sometimes difficult to do

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    I'll be at the Tam from the 12-18th for my honeymoon! Never been & just as excited! Maybe we'll run into each other while having lazy mornings into afternoons into evenings on the beach!

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    Free bike usage when staying at the Tam, take advantage of it;unless you were talking about 'motor bike' mate! Have a great time!!

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    Welcome! This is a great place to find info, as I see that you already have. We are going to be in Aruba in September staying at the Occidental on Palm beach. Were also interested in the Black Pearl and believe it or not there are already days booked 2 plus months. ahead. I am just a little nervous because my wife is a little skiddish about being a boat.
    If you are on the island for two weeks you definitely should do a little exploring and Baby beach is a great take in. Enjoy the countdown to your vacation, it's a big part of the whole vacation experience. ;-)

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    I really could not enhance all the wonderful things said about Aruba aka One Happy Island; because everyone on this forum simply loves it there. You will meet lots of people that will be more than delighted to help you in any way while there. Have a wonderful time.


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