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Thank you! And i will write a review...people seem to be very negative about the ritz in here...i dont think we will mind a quiet beach and hotel....actually looking forward to staying at an established professional hotel that holds high standards for its customer service and clean atmosphere!
Don't me dismayed by the negativity regarding the Ritz. The Ritz has their high standards....it is very clean and classy. Enjoy it, that's why you chose it.

The standards are a bit too much for me personally, as my Aruba trips are very casual (never a tie, jacket, or dress slacks; sandals only). I suspect a high percentage of Aruba travelers are similar to me in that regard.

When I visited the Ritz, I felt out of place walking through the lobby in flip-flops and bathing suit; however, nobody looked at me "funny", so it is obviously expected. Once at Stellaris, another Marriott hotel next door, a snobby woman commented on my bathing suit on the elevator, her problem not mine. My response was "it's Aruba, I left my tux in the room". Time will tell if you run into somebody like that.

The pool and beach are never crowded, a major plus on Palm Beach.

All in all a beautiful, classy resort. Enjoy.