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Thread: Suggestions needed!! Please reply

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    Suggestions needed!! Please reply


    I will be in Aruba for the first time in a 4 days (i can't wait!!)

    This forum so far has been EXTREEEEMLY helpful, so I was hoping to get a few more answers.

    ~I need opinions on the vendors that I'm considering going to or possibly better recomendations??

    So far I'm planning on going to Passions, The Old Man and the Sea, and Flying Fishbone for dinner.

    For activities I was thinking of doing a Sunset Dinner Sail thru Red Sail Sports, a half day ATV tour thru Kini Kini Tours, climbing the Hooiberg and horseback riding with Rancho Notorious or Rancho la Ponderosa.

    I would appreciate any opinions and recommendations, and if you think there is something I should add to my list, please do so.

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    There is plenty to do. I can tell you Rancho Notorious was fun. We did horseback riding with them last year.

    We have reservations at Passions this year. It will be our first time there. I have heard good things.

    We have done several sunset and day sails on the MiDushi. Last year we did the day catamaran sail and snorkel with Red Sail. All good times.

    We have not done any of the ATV tours but have not heard anything negative from friends who have gone. Only comment is its Hot! Make sure you have sun block and water.


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    We LOVE depalm's sunset and snorkle sails...done both 5x...boat is named Palm Pleasure, nice catamaran....can't say enuf good things about it.

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