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    I have been hearing mixed reviews on the sun in aruba. I know you cant feel the heat because of the wind. What type of sunscreen or lotion should I use. I tan easiily and want to get dark without burning.

    Im from new england USA. If I go to the beach up here for one day ill be tan for the rest of the summer.

    Also my father gets bubbling of the skin up in new england so In Aruba I feel like his skin wont be able to take the sun. Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much.

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    Hi Marino. The sun is very strong in Aruba. My Italian olive skinned husband who had never had as much as a pink nose in his life, put on oil after we'd been there three days (it was 1984) and ended up red as a lobster. Luckily for him, his skinned turned brown by the next day (we were on our honeymoon ).

    We took our 18 yr old son and three of his friends to Aruba last spring. My son is dark complected naturally, but he knows the drill...sunscreen, everyday, and reapply. One of the other boys is part Native American and part Italian. He, in his 18 yrs of wisdom, went the first day without reapplying his sunscreen, even though we reminded the boys when we saw them. He got a bit of a burn, enough to be uncomfortable for a while. By the end of the week he was black, and he religiously wore sunscreen after his first over exposure. Lesson learned. We always start off with 30 SPF and dial it back to 15 SPF after a couple of days, and we don't burn, and we all come back tanned. It sounds like you tan pretty easily, so you probably wouldn't need more than 30 SPF. I've never taken anything stronger. But then again, my husband and I spend a lot of time in the shade of the palapa, although we'll walk at least a couple of hours a day along the shore and a fair amount of time in the water.

    As far as your dad, one of my son's friends is very fair. Not red haired/freckled fair though. The summer before, he had gotten burned so bad he required a trip to the hospital and had vicious blisters. That was from spending the day at the river with no sunscreen in VA. We and his parents were worried about him. His mom bought him a UV protective swim shirt that he wore every day. He also used 50 SPF sunscreen and wore a hat. The boys all spent tons more time in the direct sun than either my husband or I did. He came back without even a notion of a burn. Success!

    Here's a link to the style of shirt he wore. I don't know the actual brand though. He said it was very comfortable, and didn't make him hot at all.
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    If you have ever been to Florida, the sun in Aruba is twice as strong as Florida. In Aruba you are that much closer to the equator. There is a great temptation with all the abundant sunshine to "go for it". My dd is fair skinned, uses spf 30 the entire time and always comes back nice and tan. When in doubt, do not over do it though it may be tempting to "maximize" the suntan.

    Corona gives excellent advice

    We always start off with 30 SPF and dial it back to 15 SPF after a couple of days, and we don't burn, and we all come back tanned.

    It will also depend upon

    • how much time you spend under the shade of a palapa
    • how much time you spend in the water
    • if you will be in the direct sun 11 am - 3 pm
    • how often you reapply the sunscreen

    ALSO, very important to keep in mind, that you need to take the exact same precautions when spending the day on the beach or in the water on a completely overcast day. Apply sunscreen just as you would if there were clear blue skies. The UV rays reflect off of everything, including water and sand, and wind has NOTHING to do with any of this. Been there, done that , had a bad burn not knowing this lesson.

    More Good Info

    My Sicilian MIL, without sunscreen, ALWAYS sat in the shade, never went in the water and burned until she turned brown and went home twice as DARK as this photo. BUT she has that Italian olive skin that Corona's dh has.

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