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Thread: T Minus 10 and Counting!!!

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    T Minus 10 and Counting!!!

    As of today it will be ten days till I arrive on Aruba!!!! What seemed soooo far away a few weeks ago is suddenly a whole lot closer. While it would have been great if there were direct flights between Trinidad and Aruba, I'm okay with having to fly through Curcuao and be there for three to five hours till my flight departs for Aruba. What I remember the most about my first arrival on Aruba back in August of 2010 in addition to driving through the Palm Beach area and being amazed at it all, was the barbecue that my Uncle and Aunt picked up for me before coming to meet me at the airport. That was the BEST barbecue I had ever tasted, it was sooooo much that it last till Tuesday morning for me. I've already put in a request with my aunt and uncle to be sure to pick up some Aruban style barbecue for me either before I land or after I arrive. Either way, I'm having me some barbecue when I get there!!!

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    So will you tell us where this fantastic barbecue comes from? I'm a big fan of the "cue" and I'm always looking for some that is special. I really like the barbecue at the flea market.

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