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Thread: Timeshare wanted at the Divi Phoenix

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    Post Timeshare wanted at the Divi Phoenix

    Hi, I am looking for a timeshare in the Divi Phoenix for week 52. I have family that is interested in week 1 so let me know what you have and your price.


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    Hi I Own week 23 at the Divi Phoenix. Last week in May Into 1st week of June.
    Once you own and join the exchange club you can go at anytime of year with advance notice . You can even change the week with The sales Dept.

    My unit is 209 its in the Villa, not in the High rise I had to Upgrade to get it.
    My cost with Upgrade was about $9700. I financed it so it was actually 10,500.

    It is a 1 bedroom that sleeps 4. We never go because we bought pre contruction and also own 2 weeks in Feb & Mar. In another Hotel Thats when we go. We can't afford to go twice a year any more.

    You can check with the Divi Phoenix on what this unit is going for I know it is
    Much higher than what I paid. I would be happy with $6,000. Research and
    get back to me if interested.

    I will be in Aruba Soon Can't wait. Thanks Linda Beggs

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