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Thread: What has changed (what's the same)?

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    Question What has changed (what's the same)?

    My wife and I were last in Aruba eight (8) years ago for our honeymoon. We are finally able to return at the end of June. How are things today? The Flying Fishbone and Baby Beach are two of our fond memories. The wonderful Arubans we met are our fondest memories. Even to this day, we we think of Aruba as the happy place. Is the Aruba card available on this site still a good idea? We'll be staying at the Playa Linda, any comments? I'm looking forard to your responses. Thank you, in advance.

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    Eagle Beach, the desert.
    Well, you in for a shock of sorts...

    The natural bride collapsed.. sad - it is and was a major tourist attraction.

    The strip of desert next to the low rise hotels is all but gone as building has increased.

    The 2 Golf courses - one near the California lighthouse and the other by the Divi hotels.

    Lots of traffic, more motor sports on the roads - ATV rentals and Mopeds. We actual saw speed traps on the main drag last year.
    Also ATV police patrolling the beaches now.

    The downtown area is the same as it has been in 10 years... not much has changed here.

    The high rise area has changed some with more hotels... and less natural scenery.

    But... the back side of the island is still the same and we are all grateful for that - this is were Aruba's charm comes from.

    Oh, almost forgot the ostrich farm.. check it out.

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    What has changed? The airport now has jetways so you don't have to lose your hat going down the stairs.

    There are more restaurants than ever so bring the extension for your belt.

    Prices have gone up, but that's everywhere.

    Charlie's Bar is still there, so stop in on the way back from Baby Beach.

    Many hotels have been updated, remodeled, and improved.

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    Imo, if you have stayed on Palm Beach previously, you will notice the entire area, not necessarily the beach, has grown and developed. There is now a shopping mall with a movie theater and many many more restaurants. All in all, the end down by Playa Linda is much more congested than it once was.

    There will be many more positives than negatives for you I am sure. Enjoy!

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