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Thread: Woohoo New member!

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    Woohoo New member!

    Hey everyone! I'm excited to be here.

    My name is Tony and i'll be going solo in May! This will be my first time ever, leaving USA so I am so stoked about that. Does anyone have some tips for solo travelers or anything I should do since it's my first time leaving the USA?

    Nice to meet you all,


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    Welcome to the forum...... above all else..... plan plenty of beach time!

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    Welcome Tony I also am going to Aruba for my first time and solo. i will be there April 18-26th. From what I have heard we will find other solo travellers there. From what all the boards I have now joined are telling me lots of people will be there same time as me but all in couples. Guess I will make my own fun. Booked at Holiday Inn as it sounded from everyone as the center for action. Moombas bar is next door and sounds fun day and night every day. There is a party bus kukoo kunuku sounds great, bugaloe bar on the pier sounds fun, the natural pool with madi magical tours sounds good, hard rock has rock music live on street several days a week, and jolly pirates sounded fun, aruba water sports center has many fun activities to do also.
    That sums up my plans and research lol. Have Fun and i will report back in April.

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    Hi Tony! Welcome to the Community forum! My only tip would be to research as much as you can before you leave so you have a great idea of what you want to do and see on the island and then enjoy every second!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Welcome Tony...

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    Welcome to the forum. I agree with Jacki, check out the forum, ask as many questions as you can and then you will have an idea what you want to see and do once on the island....of course, any plan can change and that's the good thing about vacations !!!

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