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    Hi, yep, all 20 fingers and toes, life and limb still intact after DW (now known as "hot rod Linda" or HRL) drove us over the treacherous landscape of the outback on a quad tour with action tours. At the first stop I jumped off the back seat, kissed the ground and blessed myself, tour guide came over and checked my pulse, got a good laugh from all, HRL implores everyone not to encourage me as my antics would only continue. Action tours was great good solid bikes with a true back seat went to natural pool, natural bridge, ruins and the chapel (I hope they do not put a wind farm up there). We made the mistake of going to baby beach on Saturday, they are having an election soon and they would campaign at most roundabouts handing out hats tshirts and flags took us an hour and half to baby beach, after pleading my case for shirts and hats I finally got a small flag for our window (did I mention I love free stuff) after getting only a little lost we drove down dirt roads and thought this place must be very remote and secluded came around a turn and there was a 100 or so cars, a bar snack shack and hundreds of people on a nice wide beach, we snorkeled for a while and drove back still no tshirt or hat. We had great luck at the 5 or 6 casinos we went to really liked the Raddison and the alahumbra until last night maybe dropped 150 between us but over all I think we came out a few shekels ahead. We ate out quite a bit and all were very good to great some I had coupons for, I printed out many from and many others from the magazines (aruba experience, I heart aruba, ect.) that are found all over and took any and all that interests us we got maybe a $100 each of free and match plays at casinos, $10 off our quad tour (I love $$ off almost as I love free stuff). We have had a great time here everyone has been friendly just a smile and or a kind word goes a long way here. Well 2 days to sad day and I got to go (HRL is awake and she might not like her new moniker) maybe some fresh coffee and breakfast might smooth things (sometimes she doesn't get my humor, go figure) happy days to all!

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    Love to read posts from happy vacationers. Sounds like you are having a fabulous time. Have you gotten a free t-shirt from the Alhambra Casino? They sometimes have giveaways.

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    Great read! Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun and action!

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