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Thread: 2nd trip report

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    2nd trip report

    We just got back from a wonderful dinner at Old Man and the Sea. We all had the catch of the day, Wahoo in their signature dish and we all loved it. My son actually ate fish, can't believe it!! I guess that's what happens when the girlfriend influences are more appealing than the mothers!

    They replaced the waiters about 6 weeks ago and the service was amazing. Ricki, our waiter was fabulous. Lovely atmosphere as always.

    The weather was beautiful and very hot. Nothing to complain about. My son and girlfriend have arranged an island tour for Wednesday mornig with Cerry Croes, thank you Andrea J. for the suggestion.

    From all accounts the hotels are hurting from the economy far more than the timeshares, for obvious reasons. However, there are still plenty of people mulling about on the streets. Today, was a holiday so no stores were open. Tomorrow we will venture downtown to do some shopping. Gotta get our GIORODANO fix!! The best t-shirts ever. $8 for men's t-shirts in every colour imaginable and the wash so well. We stock up every year.

    My biggest disappointment so far was the closing of Master Blaster/Ocean Safari. As was reported on this BB ( I believe) the boat hit a piece of wood or something and was damaged a short time ago. The new owner just closed up shop after that. We loved that tour and our kids were so looking forward to doing it again with their friends. What a loss for the island as it was truly a unique tour. Boat(s) and trailer are up for sale!

    Time for bed as the early morning sunshine awaits...........
    happiness is going to Aruba with your adult kids because they still want to come with their parents

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    moving this to aruba story section

    glad all is well in aruba randi!
    wish i was there


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    Randi, thanks for the OM&S report, keep em coming. What a nice mom to let the girlfriend come...

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