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Thread: The 4 1/2 hour trip turns into 18

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    The 4 1/2 hour trip turns into 18

    The 4 ½ hour flight that turned into 18 hours.
    It was January 3 2003 and this year we decided to use our timeshare in January due to our Son being in College. It would only be 1 week but it was better than not going, this time we took a TNT Charter flight from Boston to Aruba direct so it was suppose to be.
    We were excited this was the first time we took such an early flight and would be in Aruba by 10:30am so it was like we did not miss the entire day, had it all planned to be on the beach no later than 1pm.
    Its 2 am and the Limousine is at our door ready to take us to Boston , only a 1 hour ride at this time of the morning. Arrived nice and early one of the first people in line, so had opportunity to pick our seats of choice. By 5:15am they start the boarding process and just before 6am we are taking off even before the sunrise. Soon the sun started to rise it was a spectacular view, everyone seems happy as they served us a small but nice breakfast not bad for a Charter flight.
    About 1 ½ into the flight I hear some commotion in the back section of the plane and some flight attendants hurrying to the back of the plane. A few seconds later the Pilot makes an announcement requesting assistance from any Doctor or Nurse on Board to assist a passenger , 2 women rush the back and seem to get things under control.
    Being use to the flight pattern usually flying down the east coast with the sun on our left, I notice the plane turning in land at this time I think to my self something is wrong here. Sure enough the Pilot makes an announcement that we must make a emergency stop in the Carolinas to drop off a passenger who had a heart attack. So much for an early arrival in Aruba, soon the plane starts to turn out to sea and following the usual pattern, ok what is wrong now, and sure enough the airport in the Carolinas could not accommodate us and now we had to go to Miami.
    We land in Miami, paramedics rush in take the person away quickly, now we think we are ready to go, but due to the new laws after 911 no luggage can be on any flight without the passenger. We are told that we need to exit the plane, the must find this persons luggage before we leave. It takes close to two hours and they find them and allow us back on the plane. We pull back from the gate and start heading towards the runway, but suddenly we stop and don’t move for a good 20 minutes. Ok what is going on we must be waiting for our turn I thought, not so the pilot comes on and says we must return to the gate due to us having no gates available in Aruba , we would have to wait about 2 hours , so our arrival of 10:30 am is looking now more like 3pm.
    Just under two hours and they tell us we will be boarding and we all line up, as we wait we start the process, we hear someone screaming for help , I look back and see someone on the floor , I see the same women rushing over to the person, soon paramedics arrive and take the person away and guess what now they have to find that persons luggage too. Eventually they find the luggage and we are ready to go now its close to 6pm an entire 12 hours have passed and we are still not in Aruba. I must say that the Charter company was extremely accommodating they gave us food vouchers and once we were finally on the way they fed us again and did not charge for any wine or beer for the entire flight.
    Finally we arrive in Aruba just past 10 pm, gather our luggage, get or car and head to Paradise Beach Villas, just before downtown at the rotary they have the street blocked off and a detour set up, there is people all over the place. It was a night parade to celebrate Kings day a Christian holiday, after following unmarked detours we finally arrive at PBV, now 11 pm, we are all exhausted and without anything to eat or drink decide just to go to sleep, so much for going to the beach on the first day.
    The rest of the week was uneventful but was a beautiful site to see all the Christmas lights still up on all Divi trees, palm trees and buildings it was sure a different feeling. On the 6 of January the last day of the Christmas Holiday season in Aruba, the night sky was filled with fireworks, every where you looked was all lit up.
    It was interesting to witness another month and Holiday, we had already been for Easter and Palm Sunday a few times in April and August, now we have to plan one year for Carnival in February for sure.
    What I find is that no matter what time of the year you visit Aruba its always pleasant and the people are always nice and happy to have you visit. Our return trip home we had no one get sick and got back on time.

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    OMG what a nightmare getting there! What are the chances of a luggage search TWICE?! Glad the rest of the trip went well!

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    Wow! Glad everyone was able to arrive that day/night. Last year out of Charlotte to Aruba a passenger needed assistance and there was a Dr. on board, thankfully. We were able to continue onto Aruba. Because we were over the ocean I imagine we could have turned back to Miami if the passenger got worse. As a frequent flyer I have seen this happen often and though it can be a hassle we have to agree the passenger's well being is more important to on time delivery.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Wow thats some trip report!
    Sean nad Susan

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