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Thread: Andrea and Paul's Trip Report Dec 11 - 25

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    Hope Paul is feeling better soon.

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    Palm Beach, The Marriotts lazy river
    Oh no sorry to hear about pauls back and cold, Hope your still finding a way to have a great time....



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    Sorry to hear that Paul is not feeling good hope all will be well soon and u can finish the holiday on good note. I would say shoot the rooster with a beebee gun no one will now. HAppy Holidays.

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    paul was pretty good today 20th monday

    sun, breeze coming in from the southwest.
    spent the day in the pool and on the lounge in the shade.

    amsterdam manor bulletin board gathering
    charles croes (arubatattler)
    junior croes
    bill and stella
    bill and stella's friends and forgive me for forgetting their names
    OHCheet aka laurel
    kathy liz of nj's sister
    dan putkowski (san nic)
    heather putkowski
    ridler and mrs ridler
    and walter..........and animal rescue foundation aruba rescue pup!''
    soon to be at his new home in nova scotia.

    a nice time had by all

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    Hi Andrea,

    Thank's for sharing and sorry to hear about the cock. I can't wait to get back Ifeel likeIam long overdue. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

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    monday dec 20th
    last full day of autumn ;-)

    wind was weird today and was blowing in from the beach.
    planes were taking off and landing in the "opposite direction than usual"
    but, at least there was a breeze.
    paul and i jumped in the waves at eagle beach at lacabana in the morning and spent the rest of the afternoon poolside here at caribbean palm village.
    (a great place if you have a car!!)
    went to the amsterdam manor bulletin board party (see the list of attendees post #34)

    then on to B55 with a number of folks for dinner
    i had curry chicken served with: baked apple, rice, baked potato, potato salad and small garden salad. about $14

    it was a nice night and was wonderful to be with some really cool folks
    kathy, cheryl, kathy and steve, stella and bill, laurel/ocheet, cheryl and paul and me.

    it was a nice night out!!

    today tuesday
    lots of rain overnight
    sun and clouds most of the day.
    very little breeze.
    kathy and i spent the better part of the late morning/early afternoon exercising off the carbs from the B55 at her timeshare pool Tropicana.
    (paul snoozed in the shade.........god forbid he does not get his morning nap)
    amen amen amen.....the tropicana is showing some life!!! (formerly aruban and villas)
    new uniforms for staff
    new pool furniture
    it is beginning to awaken and look good.
    the staff looked happy.

    dinner tonight was Lindas for dutch tomato soup and cold cut baguette sandwiches.
    of course amstel brights.
    no casino for last number of nights........why bother??
    our money is precious and i am not willing to toss it away.

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    Since 1980, and throughout the many changes, we still love going downtown in Oranjestad.
    Hi Andrea,

    It sounds that you are enjoying yourself, in spite of the the rain, but that seems to be mostly at night.

    I hope Paul is feeling better.

    I have to ask you about the mosquitos. (They could be the unofficial emblem for the province of Manitoba, so we're used to dealing with them). Are they more active at dusk and in the evening, or just a general nuisance all day?
    As far as repellant, we'vve found "OFF" to be sufficient.

    Another question. Are you a shopper? We are always looking for new stores, or new products. My wife firmly believes there is no such thing as too many handbags.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday.



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    I will relish the pics when they appear....I am SOOO glad I got to attend the festivities this time around. I so enjoyed our time...wish it could have been more. Maybe next time, I plan better...
    Kathy and I are headed out tonight for happy hour and who knows! Will post and let you know when I'm home...(Sniff, sniff...leave tomorrow!) I had a wonderful day snorkeling with some girls from Missouri...lots to see, and a good time had by all!
    Thanks again for making life a joy!!
    Hope all is well, and safe flight on Saturday!

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    I hope Paul is doing better. Sounds like you have enjoyed your time on the island even with the rain and Paul being ill. We will start planning our trip in January. Do you think this rain will ever change? Oh well, I love the island and her people, still can't wait--rain or no rain. Enjoy the rest of your vacation, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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    glenn ........when we moved from ma to maine i gave away 21 handbags. when we moved from maine to fla gave away 12. here on this trip, i bought 3 (counterfeits).

    MOSQUITOS are outrageous.

    safe fight laurel
    loved meeting you.
    you and kathy behave.........i do not want to get a call asking for bail $.
    i also want to hear about the international school.

    and the rain and weather pattern are bizarre, but the nice folks here at caribbean palm village tell us that since we have arrived it has gotten better.
    we have had no rain out days....well there was one, that we finally said to heck with it and went in for a nap and of course the sun came out then

    you can see the hummingbird pix and elise puppy pix and bulletin board happy hr pix on my facebook
    andrea doucette james put it in the search........and if you want to befriend me, that is fine, just make sure you tell me your forum username so i can put a real name to the face :-)

    weather now 9:14 pm partly cloudy with tons of mosquitos.

    oh yes.......paul is a bit better. magic cough medicine from the security guard here.
    (IMO it is grain alcohol with food coloring)

    morning.....taught an arthritis slow water exercise class here and had 12 participants.
    then to cheryl's to see the pup, and the hummingbird and to visit she and kathy (aka sugar)
    early afternoon...taught a private swim lesson to a little boy.
    then my stomach felt "off" i laid low.
    Paul baked in the sun all afternoon trying to get the cough out of him and his back loose.
    he had leftovers for supper..........i had chcikcen noodle soup and stomach is still queasy. the beach and then COOKS for dinner with kathy and paul
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