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Thread: Another amazing trip

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    Another amazing trip

    It is hard to believe that just last week we were in Aruba. There is something magical about the island, I cannot put my finger on it. We will be back in 2011 for our 5th visit and counting down the days.

    I did site inspections at 4 hotels: Radisson, Occidental, Marriott, Tamarijn and Divi Beach. This was set up with the Aruba Tourism Board and they did a fantastic job. Since I am specializing in Aruba travel, I felt that it was time to see some of the hotels. I loved different things about each of them, if only I could combine all the aspects I loved and make one hotel! I was really surprised that the Occidental and Divi Beach were sold out during what is normally considered a slow month. But great for them!

    If anyone ever thinks twice about visiting Aruba, don't! It is an incredible vacation destination.

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    We agree with your advise to other travelers to not think twice. My wife and I visited twice this year and are planning at least one trip next. We love the island so much we have 3 timeshare weeks at the Marriott Surf Club and Ocean Club....which family members love to share!!

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