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Thread: Another perfect day

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    Smile Another perfect day

    We had another amazing day today. Started off by seeing Daniel P. at his book signing at the Holiday inn. Went for a nice long walk from there to eagle beach. Snorkled Boca catilina and swam with a turtle. Ventured down down and drank some beers. Got a hair cut in alocal 'beauty shop" went to Lagranje for a great lunch. Donated some money to the seaport casino and finished up with an incredible dinner at Lings. Another perfect day in paradise

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    Lagranje is one of our favorite "economical" meals in Aruba. We usually eat there multiple times and share our leftovers with the stray dogs.

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    where is Lagranje and what type of food do they serve?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny and lynne View Post
    where is Lagranje and what type of food do they serve?
    Photos and menu for La Granja:
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