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Thread: Apr 23 - May 3 2008 Lacabana Brc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    i put a yellow post it note on the windshield, under your wiper giving my phone # and room number at lacab

    about 4 or 5 cars to the right of the AMBR entryway.
    That's about where I parked every day but I never saw a yellow post it note.

    How about a trip in Sept?!?
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    Andrea, Just thought I would say hello. Read your Aruba story and saw that you were at LaCaBana the same time that Mark and I were there. We stayed for 2 weeks, April 20th til May 4th. This was my 2nd time there and Mark's 4th.We had a great time just like you and can't wait to return. We were engaged there on the 25th and Mark's birthday was the 26th. So sorry I didn't find this forum before, I just found it last night. If I would have found it before we could have met. Oh well another time! Cindy from PA

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