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Thread: Back from Aruba

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    Back from Aruba

    Whew!!!!!We arrived back safely on Tuesday evening.This was another great trip.The weather was a little too humid most of the week during the day,but at night the weather was perfect.Once again friendly people and lots to do and see.

    Special thanks to Freddy and Johnny.These guys kept our glasses full all day long(and us tuned up as well)
    These two bartenders were at the Occidental last year and have moved on to greener pastures at the Holiday Inn.Stop down and say hello as they are great.

    There is a cool light/water and music show at the new mall across from the Holiday Inn now that is worth watching.

    I will try to put up some pics as soon as I can.I had to jump right back to work on Wednesday,so I've been kinda busy.

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    Welcome home...

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    can't wait to see your pics!

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