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    back home

    Hi everyone,
    We just got back last night from our stay in Aruba and I wanted to let everyone know that it's still a beautiful,friendly place.We had a great time(as usual) but,I have a different kind of story I'd like to tell here.

    Over the years we have been staying at the Occidental and this year was no different in that regard.Well one night as we we're going to dinner at Daniels steakhouse(superior steak and lobster tails IMHO),we stopped and chatted with our friend Eddie Lopez who works at the Occidental VIP lounge .We also asked if he would like us to bring him back some dinner which he graciously declined.Anyhow here we are sitting,having our meal and all of a sudden here comes Eddie.We thought he had a change of heart and was going to join us,but instead he came and found us to let us know that our son had called and needed to speak to us URGENTLY.So I get up and started to go back to the hotel to use a house phone and instead Eddie hands me his own personal cell phone,dials the number for me and let me speak to my son.As it turned out my daughter had to go to the ER and thank god it turned out to be miniscule in the grand scheme of things.I was so grateful that I offered to give Eddie some money to cover the cost of the call but again he graciously declined.Needless to say I did reciprocate when we left.Now aside from the fact that we are friends and have had Eddie to our home here in the US.I really feel that what he did was going above and beyond and Eddie is such a genuine,nice person that I also feel he would do the same for any visitors who were faced with a similar situation.I also let management know this and I'm going to write the Occidental corporate office and let them know too.
    I just wanted to let any one on here know that if you go to the Occidental,look him up in the VIP lounge and say hello.

    Thanks Eddie Lopez for being a true friend.

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    Glad to hear your daughter was ok and nothing too serious. What a wonderful guy Eddie sounds like and what a wonderful thing to do for you. Trying to rememer if we met Eddie a couple of years ago. He is not the DJ is he? I know when we where there a few years back we met a DJ and also spent time talking to the Mgr at this lounge who we could not believe remembered us from 10 years previous! Can't say enough about how thoughtful and caring people in Aruba are!

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    No good deed goes unrewarded. His reward is such a glowing report on how nice he was and how he went out of his way to be sure that you were able to respond quickly to what was thought to be an emergency. I am happy that your daughter was okay. Just another example of how nice the people of Aruba are and this was such a good story. Thank you.


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    this story of how an employee went out of their way for a guest is why so many of us love aruba as much as we do.
    one happy island is really also one hospitable island
    glad your daughter's health situation was "minuscule".
    thank you for sharing the story.

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    I'm glad everything is ok! What a wonderful story. I LOVE the Occidental and this is just one of the reasons. They all seem to go above the call of duty. I know they aren't the only ones, for the most part the people that live in Aruba are just wonderful people. I'm happy that you have written the powers that be at the Occidental!
    Have I told you guys....I LOVE Aruba..and the Occidental?! ;-)

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    What a gracious employee. He obviously cares about people. You were very fortunate to have him there for you and I'm happy to hear your daughter is doing well.

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    great guy, great resort. no coincidence how board members all share special stories of their home resort.
    that's why this board exists. arrive occidental saturday

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