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Thread: Back from Our First Visit!

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    Eagle Beach, exploring the "Outback", Madi's tour to the Natural Pool , dinner at Papiamento's
    Great tips -- you're right on! Sounds like you'll be back!
    Whenever I'm there I want to go get a really short haircut!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    everyone who has hair longer than 3 inches has "wind situation".

    the magic words for hair are Pull it back or hair spray and hair product.

    the wind can be problematic to those with long hair.
    I keep telling my hairstylist (who is doing my hair for my wedding) that I would like her to be open on a Sunday so I can chop all my hair off before we leave for Aruba! I'm kinda hoping she does me that favor. My hair is the longest it has ever been & I hate it now, so I can only imagine how much I'll hate it in the heat & wind of Aruba.

    To OP - thanks so much for this post. I'm marking it as a favorite so I remember to purchase clips for my towels & headbands. We're staying at the Tam, too!

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    Radisson, Gilligans
    Hair Clips... a few of them..

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    I had my head shaved in Aruba two years ago at a downtown barber and have never changed it since... Wind is not a problem for me now!
    Next Aruba trip in

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    Just a quick thing regarding the clipping on the beach towels to the chairs.. many people grab a chair and leave their towels there all day while wandering around, not just staying there to relax. Many other guests then cannot find a chair.. in the past if you left your towels and were not present for a period of time, security removed them so others could also enjoy the beach. This is also a problem with guests on the lower level believing the "palau's" are for their use only. These are for everyone at the resort to enjoy, not just the first floor. We had a couple that felt this was part of their room only and would leave their belongings there all day, no matter where they were. They were quite rude when they were told this was not exclusively their's to use. Play fair or go home! Can't wait until July!

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    . . . a #1 hair clipper is man's best friend :-) Great trip report and it sounds, like despite the customary inconveniences of equipment not working and construction, you had a GREAT trip . . . and like all people visiting for the first time, the question is . . . what date is your NEXT trip planned? Michael

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