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Thread: Bad start on day 5

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    Oh Tangy--how awful. Man! Someone was nice enough to turn the lost camera in THEN some baggage person takes it. That really ticks me off--I just will NEVER understand why people take things that don't belong to them!!!! So sorry this happened to you, I guess you will now have to go back and take your pictures again!

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    Yup. Camera has been replaced with a waterproof Olympus.We originally had planned to go back in Feb of 2011(and we still are)However circumstances are such right now that they allowed for a trip this July too.Not that I have the money to spend on "another" trip but the price is right and I just couldn't refuse.After all my poor wife went through with her mom recently she really need a nice vacation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPhT Nancy View Post
    Thanks for all the quick responses. I couldn't help myself, just went to three electronics stores around the Renn and did settle for a relatively inexpensive. I really wanted to have pictures. Oh well, off to Dolphin sunset cruise soon.

    Sad to say the least.

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