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Thread: Big Papa Family Vacation!!!

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    Big Papa Family Vacation!!!

    Aruba Trip….2010….Family Vacation

    Georgene and I go to Aruba in Feb. to vacation and to celebrate our Anniversary….( Sept. 1st. 1978 )…Georgene can never get away at that time…but this year…..Because Adam had been away to Iraq …and wanted to go…We decided to take Adam and Daniel with us…
    So this was a family vacation…That turned out to be a trip that added to our family.

    We were delayed a day because the Atlanta airport canceled our flight because the possibility ( it never snowed )….of snow….So we had to scurry around to find a place to stay….We lost a day of vacation and money….but we made the best of it…and arrived safe to the Island the following day.
    Nothing was planned this vacation except to be together as a family and just enjoy the moments….That was accomplished.

    Where we stayed….

    The Villa….We had a reduced rate..( plus they didn’t charge us for the day we missed ).. on the Villa and rental car because we have stayed before. Brenda our cleaning lady was great as usual…Did all our personal laundry and sheets once a week. On a personal note..Brenda found out she has “ breast cancer “..while we were there.

    Had our Aruba extended family over ( 12 of us total )…for our annual cook out. We brought 3 collapsible coolers with us of chops…steaks…hamburger…Ham steaks…all beef Uurie…( the one you see in the picture roasting marshmallows..( will follow later )…he spent the night one night and we camped…( he is 10 years old )

    It made his life..( his Mom said )…we did smores on the grill…and told ghost stories…lol.. Kathy..( the lady that saved Casey and her sister came over our last night for a cookout and that is when Casey spent the night with us. For those of you that don’t know…Casey is the 4mth. Old puppy we adopted from the Island.

    What We Did….We both spent our own times with the boys….George went on the submarine with them…and the party bus.

    I went 4 wheeling with the boys twice…and out gambling with Adam till the wee hours. We went deep-sea fishing as a family…Caught some of the biggest fish we have ever caught. The boys really loved that…It was an expensive day.

    At the end of most our days..we all played cards…and laughed a lot.

    Where We Ate… The boys surprised us with reservations just for George and I at… L.G Smith Steak and Chops Restaurant…This is the place her and I first ate …on our first trip to the Island in 2005.

    It was a nice and thoughtful experience….It’s located at the Ren. Marina and afterward we went to the blue pool bar…got a couple drinks and went out and found a couple nice reclining seats…and just chilled out over looking the boulevard.

    We went several times to Smoky Joes…( the boys favorite place to eat )
    I took the family to Benihanna for dinner one night…they all had never been to something like that….there are none around us…and they all had a Great time…The boys couldn’t believe what the Chef could do with his knives…and it was like $160…for the 4 of us with tip.

    The people…the weather…the experience of the Island never gets old.

    The family wants to take a Alaskan Cruise for our next vacation…and time and finances will tell….but the thought of going back to Aruba is always on my mind.
    Even though..I missed a lot of quality time with George…Sharing time with our sons..( as they get older )….is hard to put a price on…I know that I hope it happens often in our future…..

    My oldest Aaron has never been to Aruba..and does not wish too…He doesn’t like hot he say’s home to run the family business…and in July sometime he goes to Vegas..and hardly ever sees daylight…lol…so that is his vacation…he is a “ wana be poker millionaire “….

    Pictures of our trip will follow…when Aaron can post them….

    “ don’t cry because it’s over… because it happened “

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    Excellent report and family experiences! They are always woth remembering and cherishing!
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    Thanks for sharing your vacation with us ,great to see you posting again.

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    thanks for posting!

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    Great story!!! Thanks for shring!!!!

    Aruba trip in

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    The beaches
    Big Papa glad to see you are posting again glad you had a great time back in Aruba.

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    Divi All inclusive is the best !!!
    Thanks for sharing Bigpapa

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    Love reading trip reports! Thanks for sharing!

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    I love the beach (who doesn't?), anywhere that I can snorkel, The Donkey Sanctuary (much to the dismay of my daughter), the lighthouse.
    That was a very nice report. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us! Mine cannot get here soon enough.

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