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Thread: Brad & Deb's 2016 Trip Report!

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    those last 2 days at the Ocean Club sounded delightful.
    yes, again Casa Tua.....why not!!! if you love it, do it.

    thanks for taking the time and safe and easy travels home today.
    Quote Originally Posted by bradrobster View Post
    Day 8 -Wednesday and Day 9 Thursday (last full day)

    Combining these days because they are virtually identical…yeah..I know….trying not to be boring! (Wednesday ) Deb and I already decided that we had needed this vacation so bad..that we were going to stay out on the beach till sunset the last couple of nights, grab some hot tub and pool time and make dinner a quick and easy 2nd priority.
    We did that! So Wednesday night after the sunset, Deb and I were 2 of 5 people in the entire Ocean Club pool….it was great! Just relaxing in the pool with a drink..talking …laughing. ..enjoying the last rays of sunset! It was like everyone else had gone up to get ready for dinner. .very quiet….nice!

    Went back to Casa Tua for a quick dinner…awesomeness again. .Deb got sausage and broccoli Rabe pasta. ..I got the margarita Pizza. .couple of drinks and couple of glasses of wine $55 ish

    Back to the balcony for a nightcap and daily laughing debrief. .

    Thursday – THE LAST FULL DAY ( said with dramatic tone )
    Most of the day on the the 500’s palupas back from the crowd. .I need the extra 18 steps to the Ocean anyway. .lol

    I tried to convince Deb I was doing the Mediterranean diet! Tons of fish eating (in my mind fried calamari counts)…lots of olive oil. …lots of raw tuna…right…….??? (Insert support here) had tuna poke at at Waves!

    Did the Ocean with Deb till sunset. ..tiny bit of hot tub time (And very windy today) ..little bit of pool time. Went up packed and ran out to Casa Tua. .yes again. .awesome meal. .very quick and easy…Deb got the clams linguine. .me..the bolonase again $55 total and back to Ocean Club for final packing and drinks on balcony. Nice reflection on the past week and do plans for next trip!

    Flight home tomorrow…sad as always. .trying to be more reflective on all that was great and all that we have to look forward to. ….

    Will have a wrap up upon return to home. .so thankful for letting us share our special time with all of you!! --determined to be back next year!!

    Brad & Deb

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    Brad, thanks to you and Deb for taking us along with you. We love Casa Tua also, it is our go to dinner place. Safe travels home!

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    Wonderful trip! Thanks for bringing us along! Safe travels!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Sounds like a great two last days! We also love relaxing around the resort when everyone else is headed out to dinner. Thanks for sharing your trip with us and have a good flight home .

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    Thanks for taking us along with you. Just love Casa Tua. One of my first places to eat downtown..
    Love lazy days at the beach or pool. Best type of vacations. Guess that is why I like staying in Aruba.. vs cruise you are trying to get
    so much done to see everything and by the time you get home you need another vacation..
    Safe travels home

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    Sorry it had to end......... great memories.... and planning time for the next trip!

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    West Deck in the afternoon
    Safe home! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

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    Thank you for your Great Reports !!
    Safe Travels

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    Thanks again. I may have to put Casa Tua on my list for next week but I think I am full, it may have to wait till August. I enjoyed your reports.

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    Thanks for sharing your vacation with all of us. What a fun time. It is never long enough but when you get home it is time to start planning for next year. Hope you have a safe flight home.

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