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Thread: Bummed - we had to come home

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retagger View Post
    Hello Shannon,

    We can relate to you story as we too fell in love with Aruba.
    The people are extremely friendly, the weather is perfect, the beaches are perfect, the food is perfect and just being away from the snowy weather of New Jersey is perfect. (I have never used the word "Perfect" more in a paragraph before but you know what I mean)

    We loved Aruba so much, that we are in the process of building a home. I cannot wait until our next visit in three weeks.....
    David, I read that it is difficult for non-Arubans (is that correct?) to purchase there. Did you have any problems?

    What do you think of the land/home prices? How do they compare?

    (BTW, where in Joisey? We were in the Sayreville area.)

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    Yo Shannon:

    That's the way it is with Aruba - one trip there, and next thing you know, you're looking at house prices, trying to figure out how to move there.

    Enjoy it - it really is the finest island in the world.


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