Played at the radisson twice in the last 2 yrs during my visits to aruba. I stay at the radisson, enjoy the beach and of course the poker room. I met a gentleman named Mace, who was the director of poker operations in the casino @ the radisson. As well met a few locals who were actually not so bad at the game, i.e Rocky...In case you're on these boards, reply back.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the game very much. I normally play anything from 10/25 up to 50/100 NL holdem..Played at casinos from Borgata to Bellagio, however the best action here in NYC are private invitation only games. I'm hoping to meet up with the same locals to mix it up again. On my last 2 visits there, I played every night from about 8 till 5am..I remember the casino itself closing at 3am, however since the poker action was so good the week I was there (maybe because the action was crazy, I was playing anywhere from 10-20k in chips/cash) the game ended between 4-5am..

I'm arriving this tuesday, staying for 10 days..Looking forward to meeting up with you guys again..If anyone plays this game, then you'll be seeing me there for 10 days..come on down and mix it up with some high stakes poker and alot of fun.

Aruba here I come !

P.S. I'm up about 15,000$ from my last 2 visits @ the radisson poker room, certainly looking forward to another good run there!