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Thread: Checking in from Rennaissance , day 4 here

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    Checking in from Rennaissance , day 4 here

    Here at Renn and very much in vacation mode, slower days, moving at a snails pace... Just enjoying

    all of our first week family is gone and we are now with our best friends from RI and their extended Maine family. Sent girls home yesterday with lots of tears. Their USAir flights were delayed and they didn't get home to RI till 2:45 am. Poor kids, college today, ugh.

    dinners at Pinchos, West Deck ( mediocre) casa Tua, TierraDelSol( fabulous)Tonite AnnaMaria's, and to follow Quinta deCarmen and Barefoot

    Brought our friends to TierraDelSol( aka VentanaDelMar). I don't about you all but we always worry about raving about a place and then hoping your friends like it. Not only did they like it, they Loved it! Win... Try it .... Golf next visit. Perfect meal and happy group. Mike stopped by with his wife to say hi.

    a few misc things ....
    the wifi is almost as bad here as LaCabana... Like every where, island, lobby, room non exsistant
    the Renn still has many kinks to work out with these rooms, quality is just not there.
    pullout sofa is memory foam and was ok
    We've been in 2 seperate rooms here since Sept; and we just shake our heads wondering what they were thinking.
    no fan in this bathroom, our phone had no buttons( no connection to phone line either for that matter), safe up way to high, lack of hooks in bathroom, bathroom sized waste basket in kitchen..... Ok, maybe I'm being to critical... But this project didn't have much of a punch list...

    weather has has been wierd, rained at least 3-5 times a day. Ocean really churned up. Seaweed on island along with flies. Kids and Rob bitten badly. They are working daily on seaweed, and obviously it's not their fault.

    FYI coffee makers are those flat pod trays. The maker is an individual cup maker.

    Rob and 2 others are heading out on HatsOff boat fishing trip on Wednesday morning. From what we can see all the boats are coming in with huge catches. Stay tunes...

    sorry for the rambling

    thats it for now....

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    Incredible! Hope the rooms somehow get better. Sounds like everything is mini! I don't understand the reason for a dorm size fridge. The regular size ones seems so small compared to the one in my kitchen!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    I see a fair amount of posts commenting about the flies at the private island. We have been thinking about the Rennaisance as an add on for a few days on our November vacation but now I'm wondering if we would really like it. Then there are the flamingos which are beautiful but what about their droppings?

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    Can't wait to hear how Rob likes Hatts Off, we really liked Captain Glen. Love to hear your restaurant reports as always!

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    thanks so much for sharing cindy!

    i am surprised that the wifi there is almost as bad as at lacabana.
    we were lucky in november, as the wifi was great.

    the reasons on your misc list and the reasons on my november "aruba story" are reasons
    why we have chosen "bananas apartments" instead of renaissance suites for our May trip.

    imo the owners should have been given lots of input.
    also too the housekeepers should have had some input.
    the renovation is cheap, ugly and very slipshod.

    still the main reason people choose the renaissance is because of their private island.
    when we were there in Nov, the private island was almost unusable due to the flies and in May it was almost unusable due to the seaweed.
    they have some issues on hand.

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