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Thread: Dangerous eating ;-)

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    Dangerous eating ;-)

    Hi Guys,

    Well, yesterday was one of those days. Nice slow morning after a late night before. Bobbie and I were too tired to bother making lunch. Then came the hard part…..making a decision. Should it be Tulip or Rembrandt. I remembered that our friend Juan was now working lunches at Passions on the Beach. Decision made!!

    We stopped and Juan greeted us in his normal gregarious manner. We got a fantastic table beachside. Wine was ordered and we settled in for a nice light lunch. I am sipping my wine and the shrimp enchilada was delivered. Tasted great.

    As I was sitting there, I get a major whack on the head and a very wet shoulder. This is followed by a plop sound. I look at my plate and there right in front of it is a cigar sized iguana turd that had fallen from Maria the iguana up the tree. It had landed on my head and then bounced onto the table. The waiter walks over very nonplussed removes the item with a “Sorry about that sir”

    In later conversation we find out this same iguana did a belly flop out of the same tree into the middle of a pizza a family had ordered.

    If I go back, I think I will invest in some protective head gear.


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    i am smiling john "it happens"

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    It's a good thing that pigs can neither fly nor climb trees.

    If we eat at Passions next week, we'll be wearing hats. Thanks for the warning.

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    Okay - that tops the bird pooping on my birthday breakfast at the Hyatt a few years back. The wait staff didn't know what to do with five women laughing hysterically over bird poop. :-) They were shocked that we found it funny. ;-) "They" say it's good luck, therefore I hope you spend some time in a casino this week... have a fantastic vacation!

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    Our favorite place on the island, is the great beach at the Boca Grandi. The water is the best, and its very quiet.

    What happens in Aruba, doesn't stay in Aruba. Thanks for a great laugh.

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    So glad that didn't happen to us this evening at dinner. Passions was fantastic, by the way.
    Amy & Dave

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