At smokey joes, just had a full rack of original with a side of jam jerk. Today enjoyed a nice bf at the Tamarijn, rented a car, visited, donkey sanctuary, rock ruins, the light house (shaved ice guy pulled away as we pullex up, youngest was mad, lol)Nat bridge. Ribs were awesome, waiting on free Sundays now since we were here b4 6.

Tam update. We r in building 1100. No rocks, beautiful Beach. Left of bunker bar looked horrible, no sand, however, they have begun dumping sand everyday and its back to normal just about so no worries, if u r on your way. Buildings 25,24, 23 were unaffected by sand erosion, some spots to the right were maybe a 3 foot drop.

Enjoying free WiFi from playa Linda, dessert is here, gotta go.

Aruba sends here love...