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Thread: December 16-Jan. 16

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    December 16-Jan. 16

    We stayed at Lacabana, the weather was a little more rain than usual but still great. Everyone at Lacabana were helpful and great as usual. The resort is looking good and will be very nice when completed. The color for the outside of the building is very nice and the lobby looks like it will be bigger and nicer. The people on the island are great, helpful. Still feel safe. The beach was really rough for 3 weeks than it was calm the last week we were there. You need to be careful when it is rough, my two daughters got knocked down and tubled pretty good. We ate at El Guchos always great they have the best dessert we have had on the island, Azzuro was good, Smokey Joes great ribs, Tomatoe Charlie's good pizza, Amadus very good, Wackey Wahoo very good, Burgers and Burgers good, Aruba nautical club near marina pirita was good a local place. But the best place of all is LaGraunja, I don't know how to spell it exactly, we have been going for years. It is near peanuts and cooks resturant, it is a local place. They have rottiseri chickens grilled steak, pork, rice, great potato's ,fried plantains, resonable price and clean. They also have one in St. Nicolas. After dinner we would go to Mochas in Paso mall. They have great coffee and desserts. Grocery's were good at Certified and Kong King. A little more resonable than the others. La Hacienda bakery had good pastery and bread. Great vacation as usual the weather, people, food always great.

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    oh you lucky duck being there for a month!!

    thanks for your trip report.

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    Glad you had a good time! I am so jealous that you were there for a month!!

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