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Thread: Disappointed at the Divi All Inclusive

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    Disappointed at the Divi All Inclusive

    Below is a trip report as sent to Trip Advisor.

    Our 4th trip to Aruba July 3-10, and 3rd stay at the Divi. We booked our trip in April for myself , my wife and our adult son and daughter using a travel agent with an Apple affiliation (same agent for last 6 years). We requested 2 rooms each with 2 beds (as advertised on their website), garden view in Vista 1 and the room request was verified with our travel agent. We arrived on Sunday, July 3, and at check-in I inquired about our 2 rooms with 2 beds and was told yes but not in Vista I. When the bellman took our luggage to the rooms in Vista II, the rooms only had 1 king bed each. The bellman called the front desk and after a lengthy conversation said they would have to send a rollaway bed for the night and we would have to go to the front desk in the morning to move to different rooms. The beds never arrived and I went to the front desk to be told that no rollaway beds were coming and we could not be moved into rooms with 2 beds. The explanation was they don't honor room requests and only put families of 4 into the rooms with 2 beds. I said your website says rooms are either 1 king or 2 queen beds. And I have an adult son and adult daughter on this trip. Next there was nothing available because the resort was full. Possibly but that wasn't the case on the availability calendar on their website. And no, it was definitely NOT full. Just a ruse to put me off. This ended with the lady at check in saying she would call and have a rollaway bed put in each room. I said thank you and walked away. After a couple of hours and NO rollaway beds, I placed a call to the front desk and went through it again and was told rollaway beds would arrive. This time they did; our rooms were 1 king and 1 rollaway. Rollaways are fine if you don't mind feeling the springs through the mattress.

    Food this trip, with the exception of breakfast, seemed to have really deteriorated as compared to past trips. Usually you can always find something to eat but this year we couldn't stand the menu a couple of nights and went elsewhere. We did book Ginger and the Italian. Red Parrot was always open but from past experience (and same menu) we stayed away. The night at Ginger was interesting. We are seated, given menus, water comes and drink orders are taken. Next the waitress comes over and says, "Ready?" as though we were a big inconvenience. Guess she had a bad day. Food was really bad. Next night was Asian at the buffet. Fortunately I had a car and knew where to go for Immodium at the pharmacy next to the hospital. Reminded me of our first (and last) trip to the Dominican though not as severe. The night we had reservations at the Italian restaurant we chickened out, cancelled, and found the Tulip restaurant up the street. Really good and not pricey.

    Several bartenders remembered us and welcomed us back. They really helped to make the trip more enjoyable. Bar service was great. Housekeeping was very good. Weather wasn't too friendly; wind seemed much stronger than past trips. Lots of sand blowing. Palapas got reserved early, usually all taken by 7:00-7:30. One morning I went out at 6:00 and only 3 were left open.

    Water sports has changed around so now you have to present a credit card (which they imprint) instead of just signing with your room. Makes me nervous to have a credit card imprint left in a drawer all day.

    Checking out now requires all in the party to be present for the wrist band removal ceremony. Seemed to me like more BS.

    Am I glad we went back to Aruba? Absolutely. We don't go to stay in the room but this experience with sub-standard sleeping arrangements for my family for the week really put a damper on our trip. Will we return to Aruba? You betcha. Will we chance the Divi again? No Way!

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    i am sorry to hear of your difficulties with the sleeping arrangements.
    i do know they try to honor request but sometiimes that is not always possible.

    i am sorry your first post expresses your disappointment.............i would encourage you to write to divi management with a comment card like evaluation about the food situation and about them leavin an imprinted credit card in a drawer. taking a credit card imprint is common practice at a lot of places. important for them to be able to recover in the event a piece of equipment is broken or stolen.
    they need to see those kind of comments from past guests.

    but i am glad that you posted and although you joined in april, welcome to the community forum.

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    wow- that sucks that you could not get what your requested in the way of the beds.

    If i was going with my dad-- i would hate to sleep on a rollaway- especially if I am thinking I paid for two beds.

    Do they at least apologize>

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    Sorry to hear your experience there was that bad. I haven't been there in a few years but when we did stay there we had a wonderful time. Glad to know you will go back and maybe a stay in the Highrise district area is next.
    Mike M

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