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Thread: Divi Phoenix Week #44 Trip Report

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    Divi Phoenix Week #44 Trip Report

    Ok im home week #44 was great one day cloudy and crazy waves. The Divi Phoenix is GORGEOUS!! and anyone going soon will be pleasently surprised. The new lobby will be done in one month (aruba time so maybe 2 -3 months ??) It looks great with a nice waterfall behind the new front desk. The new towers are almost done. First three buildings are almost 100% done a few rooms in each need some finishing work. For example my friend had a room with a armoire without doors, and a hot tub with no plug. 2 Huge pools, one with swim up bar at pure beach one next to it and one huge kids pool (1 foot deep ) thy are playing on making it an interactive pool for kids with some type of water falls etc. Food at swim up bar was lunch dinner and drinks with 2 50 inch plasma tv's which made Sunday football fun with like 50 people waching gams in pool. Divi served fruit at like 3 or 4pm on beach and pool. New beach is small and has not been extended as of now but plans are to do it. Lillian (customer rep) came around every day to each hut and asked if anything can be changed to make your stay better, so looks like they actually care this year. Timeshares are being sold quickly as prices came down.
    Dinners - El Gaucho - best i had there awesome, fried cheesecake was Not good
    Chalet Suise- perfect lobster tails, and desert - Chocolate fondue!!
    Fishes and more- last night - ok for last night we were sick of food! lol
    Giannis- best Italian food there is ( we eat in NYC alot and this fod is top notch)
    Yemanja- dont miss this place, in town near police station-maybe the best place on Island
    Papamiento- a bit overpriced we thought ($140 a couple with 3 glasses of wine. Food was good but overpriced for atmosphere
    Chefs Table- great 1st night food all around
    Texas de Brazil-crushes Amazonia and coupon in magazines for 15 % off , amazing food and 40 plus items at salad bar
    Took a Dunebuggy tour with ATV extravaganza. This was my 11th trip there and did this with a friend a brought for 1st time. It was hands down the most fun we ever had. For all with kids like 11 and over it was awesome time.
    Divi Phoenix is great and have pics if need be email me and will get them to you, and to say the least I was SUPRISED with all the great changes!!!
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    Nice report. We were thinking of trying el gaucho this trip haven't' been in 15 years, we always hit other places. Other couple we are going with want to go hear so much about it hope it doesn't dissapoint.



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    Thanks for this report. I leave tomorrow to stay at the Divi Pheonix and glad to hear you liked it. My husband and I were planning on doing the ATV extravaganza, so glad to hear that was fun. How much were they selling the timeshares for?

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