Quick day 3 summary. Nancy still sleeping in (notice a pattern here?), and I'm gonna head down to fitness center for a quick work out. We spent the afternoon at Baby Beach and it was as good as it usually is. $43 for 2 lounges and a cabana, well worth it as we were there quite while. We brought a cooler with our favorite adult beverages and stopped and got subway for our picnic. Next time we should try one of the numerous little take out places along the way. We weren't sure they would have cold food like sandwiches, but were sorry we didn't stop. Some construction in San Nic caused us to go the wrong way so we had a little scenic trip before getting back to the anchor at Seroe Colorado. Made it back for the end of happy hour at Blue (notice another pattern?). Went to Yemanji right behind hotel...had grouper with boursin cheese...excellent choice. Sadly though, I lost $15 in casino and am now only up $5!!!! The one thing different from our past 3 trips is the sun. It has been cloudy almost the whole time. It has not been a problem, just different. Just peeked out the window and there are 3 cruise ships docked; never seen that many at once.