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    First timers....Jan 22-30

    Just got home, and some things we did not see really mentioned anywhere else that we thought would have been good to know....

    it was SOOO WINDY!!!! We were stunned at the relentless wind. Our 2 yo daughter was disturbed by they sand blasting her legs on the beach. I am not sure if the wind over the past week was normal, but it was pretty strong. So, make sure your sun hats have ties...or are snug!

    Snorkeling at Arashi Beach.....we went there on the 2nd day, but couldnt figure out where the reef was. If you drive, and park in the main parking lot...where the big sign that says "arashi beach" will be missing it. Instead, just head down the road, away from the lighthouse, to the next little parking lot. Not at the big beach, but next door, by the houses. There is not much beach, more rocks, but that is where the snorkeling is. The big ARASHI BEACH sign is misleading, and we missed a vacation worth of snorkeling opportunities because we were at the wrong place. We went back on the last day, and found it in the end....

    Snorkeling at Baby can snorkel anywhere out towards the rocks...and some braver souls swim between the break-rocks out into the rougher water. The current is pretty strong and it takes a stronger swimmer, but there is some pretty nice live coral there. Just please be sure that you can handle the swimming without having to stand up on the live coral. If you are not a strong enough swimmer, the water is shallow, and you might be tempted to stand up or grab ahold of the reef to balance yourself. Instead, just relax and let the current pull you back into the protected area. You will drift right back into the nice quiet reef area, where you can swim with the fishes and not hurt yourself or the reef. We saw alot of people standing up on the reef. (cringe)

    And, no matter what you say, the water is COLD! brrrrr. Hard to stay out for long. brr. Even the water in the pools at the Marriott were cold.

    Ok, that's it for my helpful hints!

    We had a good time, no problems, no sunburn! We have a 2 year old, so stayed close to the hotel for meals most of the time, nothing exciting to report there. The airport takes a LONG time to check in, but that is just a matter of traffic, not any problems...basically everything went as smoothly as anything can be expected to!

    One last note from the driver. If you're staying North of the airport (say in the low rise or high rise resort area) when it comes to a big round-about, stay straight going in to Downtown, instead of following the sign right, labeled as 1A or 1B (can't remember which). We went right, and had a hard time finding 1A (or1B). If you stay straight (going into downtown), you can't get lost! If there is traffic, takes a little longer, but you get to take in the sights too, which is a bonus.

    Now to adjust to the snow here at home. Brr.

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