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Thread: First trip is a success

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    First trip is a success

    My family returned sunday from our first trip to Aruba and we had a great time. Of course it had its good and bad moments like any trip but all in all it was great. We are now Aruba junkies.

    We stayed at Divi Village and were happy with the staff, our room and everything involved. There is construction going on for a new lobby check in area, which was right outside our room but we didn't hear a thing.

    Kent Gerber was great !!! He really took his time teaching us how to snorkel, when he found out we were doing well he took us out further and further. I would definitely recommend him to both novice and adult. And definitely go on a night trip with him.

    DePalm Island was a good investment. My kids are 20 and 15 and enjoyed the sea trek, snorkeling etc. Its all inclusive set up was great, food is not five star but nothing to complain about.

    El Paseo Rancho, horse back riding. My daughter loved it!! She was able to gallop and run the horse, meanwhile me and my "lazy" horse were very happy bringing up the rear. Our guide Camillo was great !! He and Michaela had fun talking and riding. My 15 y.o. daughter smiled the whole time so I know it was successful. The ranch itself is small and has new construction, but the horses appear to be well cared for.

    Jolly Pirate sunset cruise. This is definitely dependent on your fellow passengers and how crazy they are. We did have fun and would reccommend it.

    My 20 y.o sons favorite event, of course, Kooku Kunuku bus tour. He would have gone on it every night if we had let him. He behaved himself and controlled his drinkig. Wish I could have said that about my husband lol.

    Madame Jeanettes- not that impressed. we were seated under a tree that kept raining leaves and other little items the whole dinner. Im sure we could have asked to move because the restaurant was empty. The young waitress had difficulty answering our questions about the menu. The flies were horrible, Im not sure there is anything to do about them but it was crazy. we must have looked stupid having to use bread dishes and napkins to cover our items to protect them from flies and falling debris.

    Green Zebra Tom Cars, very expensive for what we did. They promoted these cars for their off road ability but we never went "off-roading" with them. We followed the roads through the national park to the cave and a baby bridge. We also stopped at baby beach. I guess I expected it to be more like the atv and jeep tours so I was disappointed.

    My husband and I are planning our next trip back already, this time without kids. lol

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Thanks for sharing the details of your trip.

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    thanks for posting your report.
    i am sorry to hear that your madame janette experience was less than desirable.
    i wish they had moved you to a better location there.

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    If you had fun on tbe first trip thats great because everytime you return it just gets better

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    Thanks and welcome to our world,Aruba is our only destination out of the USA.Glad you all had a great vacation.

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