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Thread: Gaby's trip to Aruba

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    Gaby's trip to Aruba

    we just got back last nite, too, flying into Newark. we spent two weeks in aruba and keep saying we should stay longer. i had to pry my husband off the beach yesterday so we could get to the airport. the airport was empty for a 6 o'clock flight.

    we met Jason, what a doll. and met with Tino (he is so cute, lol). of course we met a few other couples there, everyone is so nice in Aruba. Don't you find that's true? its like people go there and are just friendly & happy. I guess that's why they call it "one happy island". another couple that go the same time were there and so we hung out with them. I'm just sad that next year we are going a different time because of the wedding. We see the same people each year the time we go. oh well, at least we're going.

    I said instead of two weeks, we should go for three weeks, lol...

    anyway, all I can say is we went to the beach, went to dinner, shopped, went to the casinos. I'm sorry but two weeks is too short.

    the first few days we had rain at about 7 o'clock every nite, it was weird. rained for 10 minutes but usually it rains early morning. I got caught in the rain, was soaked by the time I got to the casino. I was in the bathroom trying to dry off and this woman from Scotland was there (she was playing blackjack at my husband's table). she took one look at me and made me go in the stall, I took my top off and she dried it in the Dyson Hand dryer, lol.

    our friends are still there another week. I'm so jealous but then we were there a week ahead of them.

    10 more months. Hey, I need to start my counter again...

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    have to be honest, i'm ALWAYS JEALOUS.

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    Sounds like you had a great time. 2 weeks sounds great to me. We were only there 6 nights at the end of November.

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    So glad you enjoyed.... As a husband.... I understand the resistance you got from yours when you tried to pry him off the beach to get to the airport. Husbands always prefer the beach to the airport in Aruba!!

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    My husband had to pry me off the beach last year, and I was sitting on a beach chair in the rain while the sun was shining. I waited so long I literally threw everything in the suitcase. It was a mess when I got home, but I'd rather sit on the beach than be in the room packing. Denial maybe??

    You are right, Gaby, we always meet friendly people whether they be Arubans or vacationers. The atmosphere does that to everyone.

    Hoping for a 30th anniversary trip to our favorite place.

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