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Thread: Getting ready for trip #7 (This time with a Baby!)

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    Talking Getting ready for trip #7 (This time with a Baby!)

    We first came to Aruba in June 2001 on our Honeymoon and fell in love with the Island. This will be our 7th trip back and we are bringing our 4 month old baby boy-(and a babysitter) so this should be a different Arubian experience.
    We wanted to share a few of our favorite things to do and places to eat to get the full Arubian experience.

    Top 10 Aruba MUST DO list
    1. Rent a Jeep Wrangler- This is a must if you like to explore the rough side of the Island and see the sites such as the Natural Pool.
    We always rent from Ricky at More-4-Less (great prices)

    2. Bring your own snorkle gear- We learned this afer a couple trips and a few snorkle excursions which took us to places that we could have driven to. We just like go snorkle when we want. For fish food we always take cheeze whiz in a can, less mess and the can floats if you lose grip. We like the beach on the way to the California Lighthouse the best followed by Baby Beach and the Natural Pool

    3. Find the Natural Pool- This is sometimes an adventure in itself. Is was a little better marked that last time we went but it was still just a litte difficult to find. DO NOT ATTEMPT to go to the natural pool unless you have a 4 wheel drive- YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT! We have seen many that have given up over the years and even a few on Jeeps that deceided it was too rough to continue. Once you get there, make your way down to the pool- Wear tennis shoes for the walk down and up. We always bring lunch and make an afternoon of it. The snorkleing in the natural pool is great as well.

    4. Casinos, Casinos, Casinos...We love em' all, our favorites are the one at the Hyatt-They have a good band that plays and they usually serve the drinks in glasses rather than plastic cups (little things that make a difference) We also like the seaport casino- just seems like a more relaxed casino- the dealers are great there. You should try to go to several different ones, they are all a little different atmosphere.

    5. Hit the downtown markets- great place to find deals on Aruba souviners.

    6. Sunset cruise on the Jolly Pirate- This one is usually a mixed group, everyone from older couples just enjoying the views to younger one getting wild on the rope swings- Great crews (one of the boats did sink on a cruise last year a week after we left) but I hear that it is up and running again. (It was a freak windstorm that caused the boat to flip)

    7. Eat at Smoky Joe's- Best ribs on the island (we like them better than King Ribs) and just a great relaxing fun dinner. This is our first night ritual - Shark bites, Ribs and lots of Amstel Bright!!

    8. Find your private beach- We have gone on the path less traveled (Jeep Needed) and have found several beaches that we had all to ourselves- some are near the natural bridge( or whats left of it). You will enjoy just exploring the contrast of the island from the beaches to the rocky desert.

    9. Fishing and dinner at the Driftwood Resturant. We always go to the Driftwood- it is a little hard to find, on one of the side steet alley behind the Renissance Downtown. We have taken a few fishing trips and sent the catch to the Driftwood for dinner. It is kinda cool to eat the fresh Mahi Mahi that you caught earlier that day. Even if you don't go fishing the Driftwood is one of our favorite- Try the Arubian Pan Fried Fish. There serve is some of the best we have ever had ANYWHERE!!

    10. Get to know the people- Take the time to get to know some of the people. They are what makes Aruba what it is. We have made a few friend over the years and look forward to seeing them every time we go.

    Hope this will help some of the first timers.
    We can't wait - just about 6 more weeks!!

    Rick & Sara

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    Rick and Sara,

    Welcome back in advance. Maybe try the little beach in Savaneta. Drive past the airport, continue on and make a right at the S.Chow grocery. Where the road splits, turn right and go maybe 1/2 mile and you'll see a concrete ramp over the pipeline. There's a nice little beach, actually 2 there, where you can be all by yourself most days of the week. Weekends you'll find many locals. Bring your cooler. The snorkle there is not so good but I have seen people shore diving so there must be something, perhaps further out. KEEP SUNSCREEN on that baby!

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    We will check it out

    Thanks, we will check that beach out, and as for the sunscreen-we are bringing a nanny with us to keep in indoors until the sunsets- He is too young for sunscreen so that was our best option. We did find him some cool baby sunglasses, hats and swimsuits that have SPF 50 in the material at Maybe next year he can see Aruba in the sunlight.


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