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Thread: On-Going Nov-Dec visit, reports, videos, etc.

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    we are here until Friday! Loving every minute of it!!

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    To update the on-going trip. The breeze started up again this morning. Thankfully. Was a bit hot and humid. Road work continues on the main highway but the new circle at Pos Chiquito looks and works good.

    Met plenty of people from the boards and that was tons of fun. Mrs. 44 also having a great time. Taking her to some nice restaurants soon. (Holding off as long as I can to conserve cash and calories.)

    Aruba is still a great place. Don't let anyone fool you or tell you otherwise. Things can be screwy at times but show me a place that isn't and I'll show you heaven. Trouble is, you can't get back here from there.

    Hoping for some video at Mangel Alto today, maybe some pics of the fish and stuff underwater. We'll see. If not, it'll be another subject. This video thing is also a blast and much cheaper than the old film I used to shoot through various still cameras.

    Relax, enjoy the ride.

    Aruba's Novelist in Residence (sometimes)

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