Getting ready to wind down my 16 days in paradise. My wife and I had an absolute blast. We got into a ruteen of walking the path from Holiday Inn to Eagle beach everyday except for the one day we ran Hooiberg. Stopped by Zeeovers 4 times to pick up the largest tastiest shrimp on the planet, and fresh fish steaks. Caught as many sunsets as we good. We stopped almost daily for Happy hour at Bavaria, this place is really friendly (Peter and Louanne) and has great happy hour prices. Frosted liters 3.25 US.We snorklred Catilina most mornings then packed a lunch and relaxed on Eagle most afternoons. My wife found free Zumba classes on Saturdays at Ren Plaza and had a blast.. Stopped by Capri twice for the mixed grill, love it. Sundays I stopped by New Wei Taai (next to Arubabank,same road as Bingoes)for a huge plate of BBQ cooked on charcoal, for a mere 8 dollars .We spread our pennies around to every casino, and had a blast. Ran into several people we knew, and its always great to see people. Weather was pretty good, and of course everyone is very friendly.