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Thread: Greetings from our 2nd location

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    Greetings from our 2nd location

    We're at the Stellais now. The beach is hopping with the Beach tennis thing going on lopated at Moomba. Stopped by this afternoon and watched a for a bit. ITs like ping pong on the beach imop,

    Places we've eatten since my last report
    1. Driftwood- outstanding. 25.99 special going on for their 25th anniv. Great 3 course dinner! Pleasantly surprized. Place was packed.
    2. LG Smith Steakhouse- excellent also. Place also packed with no deals going on. Not a cheap meal, but very very good.
    3. El Guacho- well, what can I say, the boys like that was their choice. I did however have a decent rack of St louis ribs which was good.
    4. Gianni's- tonite, just the 2 of us. Gave it a second chance as our first try there was unpleasant. We both gave it a heads up.. HAd eggplant parm and rob had putenesca...both of us were happy.

    Things going on here....
    It rained again today for abut 15 minutes, hard rain

    Going on a "marriott tour" tomorrow for those Marriott points. They got cheap and are only giving 10,000 points now or $125 in gift certificates.

    Rented a car last week at Hertz for the day, and all was perfect. Got in at the location inside the Ocean suites

    Went to the Renn timeshare meeting, the place was packed, musta been 75-80 people there. New changes coming in 2013 a complete redo of suites . Pool makeover in May/june or sept/oct. Fees will be assessed for them.
    Suites also got a solar powered golf cart with a bin for luggage. The only thing is the cart runs out at nite so they have been shuttleing people in a reg va.
    Ran into Huff daddy and wife, and met Qlavan. and wife. I don't want to say their names as I don't know if they wanted them out there. All week I was on the hunt for someone speaking french, it was huffdaddy who introduced us.

    I will report more as I think of it........cindy

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    thanks for posting!!

    when do you go home?

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    Did you hear the rain last night? It came down hard around 11:00 and then again around 3:00!
    My husband wants to try and play the beach tennis, I think he'd kill himself!

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Enjoy the rest of your stay!

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