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Thread: Greetings From T&T! Missing Aruba Lots!

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    Smile Greetings From T&T! Missing Aruba Lots!

    Hi & Hello From Trinidad & Tobago,
    I had the opportunity to visit the Happy Island back in Mid-August 2010. I had No idea what to expect, but knew that my four days was going to be interesting. Getting to Aruba was a bit of an adventure, I had to take a Suriname Airways flight from Trinidad to Curacao, where I would have a three to four hour layover till my connecting flight with Insal over to Aruba. The flight over was in a seriously small aircraft, but I'll have to admit it was a smooth flight over. From the moment we landed on the runway I felt an overwhelming feeling of relaxation coming over me. The only downside to the flight was not getting the immigration cards, we only got them when we got into the terminal building. But nevertheless, it was smooth sailing all the way. My aunt, uncle and cousin were outside waiting for me as they had been there for close to a whole week already. On the drive to the hotel I was blown away by everything that I was seeing, the place was spectacular. Dinner that evening was barbecue from a Chinese restaurant down the road from the hotel in Noord. That was the best I had ever had in ages!! The next few days went by in a relaxed slow blur,as every morning I awoke feeling refreshed and looking forward to seeing more of the island. Needless to say four days was too short a visit, but I knew one thing for certain. I would indeed visit again, and it would be for more than just four days. Missing Aruba like crazy and looking forward to my next visit!!

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