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Thread: Happy Mom's (and family) First Trip to Aruba and the Tamarijn

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    Smile Happy Mom's (and family) First Trip to Aruba and the Tamarijn

    We flew out of Newark on Sunday 7/18 (slight delay), picked up our Yaris at the Budget in the Airport, and were at the Tamarijn before we knew it. There were no delays in check-in and soon we were dumping our bags in room 1110 and headed for the beach. There were rocks in the area in front of the building, so we just side-stepped a bit and used the beach in between the Tam and Divi. AAAH Ė the water was lovely.

    Throughout the week, we managed to rock scramble at Casibari, snorkel at Baby Beach (nice) and Boca Catalina (VERY nice), see the California Lighthouse, drive through Arikok National Park and see bats at Guadirikiri Cave, shop at a flea market, and enjoy the beaches and pool at the resort. We did hit Eagle Beach (driving by we saw the turtle fences so had to stop), but didnít get to Palm Beach. We even got to meet Mile High Sue and her lovely family!
    The food at Tamarijn was absolutely fine and sometimes excellent. My favorite meal of the week was pork tenderloin at the Red Parrot. We ate some snacks/light meals outside the Tam/Divi, but they were at small places and I canít say I remember any of their names. Bringing insulated cups to the Tam (a tip from this forum) was a great idea!

    Our room was just what I expected, kind of small but always clean. The AC stopped working one night, but everything was fixed within thirty minutes of calling for service. We didnít request building 11, but I thought it was an ideal location Ė not a bad walk to get food/drinks and so close to the beach in between the Tam and Divi. We were in room 1110 (2nd floor, by the stairs), which meant our view was fantastic though the palapa directly beneath us was usually taken. No matter, since we wound up getting into the water past the rock wall.

    The staff at both resorts were great, especially the Funmakers. The boys did kids club activities only one day: golf (with a no-show trainer) and the infinity pool at Divi Links. They were happy with both activities.

    We left Monday 7/26 after nine wonderful days in Aruba. I was very pleased with the island and our resort. Iíd definitely recommend both. Thanks again to everyone on the forum whose comments helped me plan our lovely vacation!

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    Happy to hear you had a great trip

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    Wow, I can't believe you have been there and back already! I hope your time in Aruba didn't feel that fast!
    Sounds like a great vacation! Thank you for sharing with us!

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