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Thread: Hate Aruba thread . . . good work Andrea

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    Hate Aruba thread . . . good work Andrea

    I realize the thread is closed, but I just want to acknolwedge Andrea for a great job moderating this rather unfortunate thread. And "job well done" to all my island friends from the "I Love Aruba" camp for taking the high road on this one. It is a good call to encourage those who do not find our island to their liking to find their own paradise somewhere else so Aruba can always be our "One Happy Island". Michael
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    I totally agree. We "escape" to Aruba every year to get away from all of the negative things associated with everyday life. I truly respect the opinions of others, whether positive or negative and I am not shy about sharing mine. I welcome positive and negative feedback about restaurants, boats, tours etc and I think the info is extremely valuable in the right context. However, when someone is so negative about everything, even how the air smells (that's a new one) it becomes extremely difficult to take anything they say seriously. It sounds like they really were unhappy at CDM and let that cloud their entire trip. He/she obviously did a poor job planning their trip and picked an island they knew nothing about -not too difficult to figure out that Aruba is a) a desert environment b) temperatures hover around 90 every day and c) the better restaurants are expensive.

    Let's all keep sharing those opinions but let's be mature about it. And yes, good job by Andrea letting us see the posting but keeping it under control. We will be back in July and I can't wait to feel the warm breeze and smell the ocean air...and will be happy to share my experiences with my fellow bb members.
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    i was very angry and frustrated by that thread.
    i did not like method in the way the person (marino somethingorother) made the post.
    he/she could have delivered the "news" in a more appropriate and adult way.
    instead, marino slammed aruba and insulted all of us.

    none of that was necessary.
    and to top it off he/she said........i have never flown, never been out of the country before.
    lots of us gave marino the time and effort to make his/her trip more enjoyable.

    here is the post he/she should have made.

    "dear members. aruba is not for me. it was not the vacation experience i wanted.
    thanks for your efforts though!"

    but, he/she chose not to take the high road.

    lisa and i talked about deleting the whole thing, but ended up deleting nothing.


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    I would just like to echo everyone's thanks to the both of you for all you do for all of us!! I have learned so much from this forum. It has made planning our trips to Aruba so easy and so much more fun with all the advise I've gotten from everyone here. I wanted to comment on the thread, but I was so angry I was afraid of what I would say. I loved your recommendation on what he should have said Andrea. I use to lurk on another BB but found the negativity too much. Life is just too short to be negative! Thanks again for all you do for all of us - and thank you to everyone who posts for everything you do too!!

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    Well said all of you! I agree with you. I had been thinking "what could I post that would get rid of I HATE ARUBA". It really hurt to see that post when you log in. What would I do if I were a new member to this forum trying to get info for my first trip. What a turn off. I understand we all have different likes and dislikes, but like Andrea said, he/she could have gone about it a lot differently. So I am here to say--I LOVE Aruba and this wonderful forum, and wonderful people.
    Well anyway, more great food AND drinks for us. WooooHooo!

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    Thank you Andrea and Lisa -- on another forum that thread would have turned very disruptive and ugly!
    Those of us who love Aruba will always love Aruba!

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    did not read the post, and glad I did not....anybody that is that negative about OUR ISLAND deserves to be banished, now where is Harry Potter when you need him !!!!!

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    I agree with all of you and thanks Andrea and Lisa for your work on this. Human nature is funny and some people are just ignorant. But it's always better to have some class and not engage. I like that comment about Harry Potter! Very cute.

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    Thanks Andrea and Lisa, you are both wonderful and do a great job in monitoring. We are all grateful.

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